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Click on the title of any document to download a copy of that document in PDF format, or select the last entry to download all of the documents in a single zip file. Any feedback and/or questions relating to the information provided below are welcome.

 TitleSize (Kb)Description
Making a successful transition at work1,834.39Slides from the presentation given by Jessica McKinnon at the 2007 Trans-Health Conference
Transition Book list8.00A list of books to provide to HR
Transition notes28.20A set of notes used as talking points for initial discussion with HR
Letter to Guardian - Pre-determination52.88Insurance Pre-determination request letter
Addendum to Letter to Guardian - provider info18.35Insurance pre-determination request addendum containing provider information as required by the insurance company
Fax to Guardian - Pre-determination cover sheet26.19Original documents got lost (temporarily) in the insurance company's mail system, so I sent a separate faxed copy as well
Guardian reimbursement claim fax cover sheet26.37Insurance claim fax to cover out-of-network therapy session
Disclosure Consent18.43Form giving employer consent to disclosing personal information to staff
Transition Announcement Meeting Outline40.18Outline of transition announcement meeting with department
E-mail to management - workplace transition34.98E-mail sent to management the day before full staff disclosure about the transition
E-mail to staff - workplace transition11.01E-mail sent to all staff containing transition announcement document "Workplace transition" below
Workplace Transition39.24Memo to staff disclosing the details of the transition
Sample Transition Documents by Jessica McKinnon272.37A single zip file containing all of the sample transition documents listed above except for the presentation slides (please use the list above for the chronological order that the documents are intended to be read and/or used)

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